Needle Craft


Blackwork is a form of embroidery dating back to the time of King

Henry VIII and was the height of fashion in apparel for both men and woman. Skill with Blackwork was the mark of a well-bred woman. It is a stunning form of embroidery generally using black thread, although other colours are used on occasion. Despite its intricate appearance, the stitches are simple to learn. With our workshop you will learn the technique with a simple pattern which will give you the knowledge to be able to complete other blackwork patterns.


Redwork is the name given for pictures which are stitched with

thread. It was originally done with red thread but now many colours are used. 

This embroidery is beautiful when finished and the stitches used are simple to learn. We hold one day workshops to solely teach this effective craft which can be used for cushion covers, quilts, wall hangings and many other items. It is also taught in our ongoing 4 week sewing courses.


A biscornu is a small, 8-sided, stuffed ornamental pincushion and is decorated with either embroidery or cross-stitch. They are typically able to fit in the palm of your hand. The name is derived from a French adjective, meaning skewed, quirky or irregular. The primary purpose of biscornu is as a pin cushion, however they can have many other uses, including Christmas tree ornaments. We hold workshops to show you the skills needed to produce these quirky but adorable ornaments.


Humbugs are similar to biscornu in function. Cross stitch humbugs are fun projects for stitchers to work up using rectangular-shaped patterns. They create triangular shaped pincushions or ornaments that may be used for display, Christmas ornaments or even scissor fobs.

cross stitch


Have you always admired cross stitch - the art of creating wonderful pictures onto a blank fabric from a chart? Always thought you would love to do it but thought it was too hard to master? 

We hold workshops to show you an easy way to work cross stitches and undercover the mystery of counting your fabric and deciphering the symbols on a paper chart to create a lovely simple picture.



There are various forms of embroidery which date back hundreds of years.

We hold a number of different workshops to teach the various forms including ribbon embroidery, vintage embroidery and many more.

We have began creating a Heirloom Embroidery sampler book pattern. The book is to bring you on a journey of discovering and learning new and old embroidery stitches and putting them together into a handmade fabric book which will be treasured for years to come. The embroidery journey will be available as a monthly pattern and there are two books - 36 embroidery stitches and 60 embroidery stitches.